EMBRACE THE power of business to serve a greater social good.

Reframe is a startup of young people who value a sustainable and just future for society as much as they have
an interest in long-term profitable
business models.​

We want to help established businesses to unleash their potential for shaping our society and collective future.​

What we do

What is a social business model?

A social business model can be described as the profitable sale of products or services with the genuine
intention of tackling a societal challenge.​

Hence, such business models are good for the business and good for society.​

What are we offering?​

We sell economically viable solutions to societal challenges.​

With our methods and concepts, we support companies in the process of building their own sustainable social business model which matches the activities of their core business.​

Our Purpose is our driving force,

it is what inspires us and fills us

with energy to put in

sustained effort every day.​

It is the reason why

we exist as a team.​


Embrace THE power

of Business To serve

a greater social good.

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We look forward to your comments and opinions.​


A startup at Reutlingen University

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