What do we offer?

Do you want to shape your environment through new socially and ecologically sustainable business models?

We are happy to help!


Introduction to the concept
of Social Business

We look forward to helping you explore the topic
through our keynotes and plenty of information materials.


Developing a social business model

Together with you we identify and analyze a relevant societal challenge
and help you to develop an effective business model to tackle it .


Defining the strategy

In order to prepare best for implementation of the developed
business model, we help you define a comprehensive strategy.


Practical implementation

To really make an impact, we are there when you put your
social business model into action and deeply embed it in the company.


Evaluation and impact measurement

Social business models have to be evaluated and their impact needs to be measured. We help you with the right tools and templates.


Final handover to the company

In the final step, we prepare everything for a final handover so you can continue driving impact through the established social business model without us.


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