EMBRACE THE power of business to serve a greater social good.

Reframe is a startup of young people who value a sustainable and fair future for society as much as they have
an interest in long-term profitable
business models.​

We want to help established businesses to unleash their potential for shaping our society and collective future.​

What we do

What is a social business model?

A social business model can be described as the profitable sale of products or services with the genuine
intention of tackling a societal challenge.​

Hence, such business models are good for the business and good for society.​

What are we offering?​

We sell economically viable solutions to societal challenges.​

With our methods and concepts, we support companies in the process of building their own sustainable social business model which matches the activities of their core business.​

Our Purpose is our driving force,

it is what inspires us and fills us

with energy to put in

sustained effort every day.​

It is the reason why

we exist as a team.​


Embrace THE power

of Business To serve

a greater social good.

"We were able to work closely with Mr. Seefeld and Ms. Haferkamp as part of a collaboration project and I recommend them without reservation. The collaboration was extremely professional, of excellent quality and, in addition to a first-class result, we also had a lot of fun."      

- Mevlude Prushi, Human Resources Director and Member of the Management Board of Bonduelle Deutschland GmbH

"The entire project was initiated and coordinated by Reframe in a friendly, approachable, constructive, creative, results-oriented, and competent manner. Ideas were exchanged and developed together so that my small business was integrated into the project in no time and works on the realization. Beyond the idea of sustainable material recycling, I am particularly impressed by the commitment to the great corporate purpose!


- Dr. Andreas Weber, Managing Director of Doc's Bier Spezialitätenbrauerei

"Reframe has managed to gather a great innovative brewer and an organic baker at the same table and convince them of the idea of bread beer. With a lot of patience and forbearance towards us, practitioners, the team has managed to realize an idea that I admire: A new and exclusive product, our bread beer!


- Hubert Berger, Managing Director of the Vollkornbäckerei Berger GmbH 


We look forward to your comments and opinions.​

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